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We are all prepped up to provide the best health services to you & your Family in City

Located at the very entrance of Muzaffarpur City, TCH multispecialty hospital is far from the congestion of a densely populated city. Nestling in the picturesque plane of Sakari, Saraiya and Kudhani, adjacent to NH-77, our location not only benefits our patients with clean air and a stable environment but also makes it easily approachable from the neighbouring cities like Motihari, Hajipur, Darbhanga etc. At TCH, we wholeheartedly work towards bringing world-class health care services coupled with the latest technology and 110 beds to our patients, and we are committed to do so with utmost care and compassion. Our team consists of best-class medical professionals in the field of Cardio, Neuro, Nephro, Gynae, General Surgery, Gastro, Ortho, Pedia etc. We also provide advanced levels of care in our state-of-the-art facility in ICU, NICU, PICU, TICU (Trauma Care Unit), Radiology and Pathology. We have also ventured into Psychiatry, Nutrition, Dental, Physiotherapy, Dialysis, Vaccination & Non-Invasive Cardiac laboratory under one roof for our patients to take care of their every single need.

General Medicine

Get benefit from our services related to any kind of primary health condition by consulting the best Physicians in the city.

General Surgery

Get benefit from our quality services related to any health condition requiring Surgical opinion and Surgery at the hands of the best surgeons in the city.


Get benefit from our services for fractures of Bones & Joints. We also have our Trauma Management centre at your service.


Get benefit from the best neurologists in the city for treatment of any kind of brain & nerve-related disorder.

Gynecology & Obstetrics

Get benefit from the city's best Gynecologists and obstetricians for diagnosis of problems related to female reproductive health, Pregnancy & Infertility Care.


Get benefit from the best paediatricians in the city for issues related to children's physical, behavioural and mental health care.


Get Prevented against specific Diseases.

Neo Natology

Our Neo Natology unit provides the utmost care & disorder management facilities for your newborn baby.


Our Cardiology unit will take intensive care of the well-being of your Heart.


Get quality treatment for any kind of abdomen-related disorder.


Get quality treatment for any type of Kidney-related problem.


Our dialysis unit takes intensive care of your kidney.


Our Radiology unit provides you services related to Whole-body X-Ray, Ultrasound, Echo Cardiography, CT Scan, Bone Mass Density etc.


Our pathology unit efficiently diagnoses Diseases through a variety of tests, including Blood, Urine, Stool etc.


We have a well-organized Psychiatric unit for managing Anxiety & Psychotic problems.

Skin Care

Our skin care unit effectively takes care of your Skin & Beauty.


Our dental care unit will take care of your Teeth & Oral Hygiene.


Get benefit from our Support Management for bone joint and pain-related problems.


Get your diet planned in the most health-efficient manner at the hands of our Nutritionists to stay fit & healthy.

Our Mission

At TCH, we understand the value of cost-effective healthcare services and are passionately invested in assisting you towards an affordable and satisfying healthcare journey. We endeavour to bring a smile to your face during your most critical times.

Our Vision

With our quality-driven, cost-effective healthcare services, we like to be perceived as a leading institution in the healthcare industry. Our vision is that our name should be taken as a torch bearer whenever healthcare is discussed.

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The Compassionate Healer.

Karunamayi Aarogakari

NH-77, Sakari, Saraiya, Kudhani, Muzaffarpur, Bihar





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